Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother

Today is my little brother's birthday! I won't mention which birthday it is since I reached the same one 3 years ago. But it's a BIG one that ends in -0!

We moved a lot growing up, but that never bothered me much because my best friend always moved with me! We were very close as kids. He has always had a quick-thinking sense of humor even as a young boy. He always did and still does keep me in stitches! I will never forget one time when my brother and I were teenagers, and we were over at my grandparents' house. Our granddaddy's name was Charles. I never heard anyone call him by any other name than Charles - no nicknames. On this particular day, Granddaddy asked S to hang a bird feeder in a tree in the backyard. As S was high on the ladder he yelled down, "Hey, Chuck. How's this?" It took Granddaddy totally off-guard and he roared with laughter. There was no disrespect, just a funny, light moment. S is the master catching a person off-guard with humor. I also remember hearing him and his wife tell of one of the first times he visited her family. He faked a fall down the stairs. I think the family got to know him rather quickly!

I was always proud to be his sister. He was a good guy, fair to people, and treated people with respect and kindness. He was well-liked because of his easy-going, out-going style with everyone he met. Now he's a wonderful man with the same outstanding qualities. He's an assistant principal, deacon at his church, and has been the coach of all kinds of teams. He's still loving, kind and respectful to people even in confrontational or unpleasant situations. He's wonderful with children and is a motivator, comforter, and supporter to those around him.

I loved to watch the boy play ball when we were younger. He was the fastest thing on 2 feet. I would always do my best to get to his baseball games, and it was always fun to watch him slide head-first into second base for the steal! Now, he watches as his children play a little bit of everything - soccer, tennis, basketball, and softball. He plays tennis now and that natural ability and competitive spirit still lead him to victory on the tennis court. He does well in any game or sport he chooses to play.

I'm proud of the man he is. I'm proud of the husband, father, son, and grandson he is. I'm thrilled that my children have my brother as their uncle. I'm proud to have him as my friend.

Happy Birthday, S! I love you!


Joan said...

Well written and so true!! I hope he reads this today -- they have been having trouble with their computer, but I guess he will get it on his Blackberry at least. Happy Birthday,Steve!!

Terrell said...

What a great tribute and what a great guy! Happy b'day, Steve!