Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunday 7 + 2 - # 9 for me

I am fortunate that my life is filled with children. I have the incredible opportunity to work with children daily, and I have a wonderful, large family full of children. I am truly blessed to have 9 of the most special children in the world in my life. Today's Sunday Seven is dedicated to my children, my nieces, and my nephews.

1. My niece, K, is 16. She passed her driver's test and got her driver's license this week! She's responsible and dependable and is a fantastic driver! She's absolutely gorgeous! But the wonderful thing is that she's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

2. My niece, R, is 14. She is actively involved in soccer and basketball. Anything athletic comes naturally to her, and she works hard to build on the abilities she has. I hate to be redundant, but she's also a stunning beauty who is not only gorgeous in looks, but also in actions.

3. My nephew, D, is 13. D is another natural athlete who has played and done well in a lot of sports - basketball, baseball, soccer. But he's found a new love - tennis! He iis quick on the court! But this tennis player is also a funny man. His quick-wit keeps us all in stitches!

4. My nephew, J, is 12. He's a fish! The boy can do anything in the water. He enjoys it all - fishing, swimming, skiing, tubing, etc. He's never met a stranger and is one of the friendliest kids you'll meet. I remember when he was tiny, sitting in a high chair in restaurants, he'd throw his hand up to wave and say, "Hi! I'm J. What's your name?" to everyone who walked by our table.

5. My daughter, B, is 9. She's my thinker and planner. We used to be amused because even as a small child, she had to know the next day's plans before she could go to sleep at night. The child sees what needs to be done and does it before you can ask her to. She loves to be the hostess and prepare treats to serve. She is loving, and her belly laugh absolutely makes my day.

6. My niece, AG, is 9. She is outgoing and full of personality. Her sense of adventure and willingness to try almost anything is endearing. She likes to sing, dance, do gymnastics, be in programs at church, cheer, etc. You name it, she'll try it and do it well. She's a fun-loving, good-hearted kid!

7. My daughter, N, is 8. She loves to excel. She works hard and does her best to achieve any challenge put before her. She's found her niche in softball. She loves to play and grins almost the whole time she's on the field. That smile makes my day! N's energy, happiness, and enthusiasm are contagious!

8. My son, E, is 6. Talk about energy! The child goes non-stop all day! He loves anything that involves a ball - and has since he was a baby! Today, as he ran by me dribbling a soccer ball, I said, "Hey. I need a hug." He stopped briefly and grinned, "Well, you're at the right place," he said as he gave me a big hug, and dribbled on!

9. My niece, S is 1. She is cute as a button and is full of personality. She's learning about everything around her and doesn't miss anything! She loves to watch the older kids and they all love to hold her and play with her.


Joan said...

What a bunch of sweeties! You are indeed blessed.

Melli said...

Well! How fortunate you are!

Jane said...

They all sound like wonderful children.....of course, I know you are not biased in any way!!!
You are truly blessed.

AutumnRose said...

Thank you for sharing your little darlings with us :)

Melanie said...

It's okay to break the 7 rule when you have such precious treasures to share! Great list!

I did not do my SS this week, but I have a special prayer request over at my blog. I would appreciate it if you would stop by and let me know that you will be helping me pray.