Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Seven - #11 for me

This has been an eventful week for us.
1. Monday I had our 1st grade staff at our house to plan for the upcoming school year. It was a beneficial time and we had a good time catching up with each other. I work with a wonderful team of teachers!
2. Wednesday I took the kids to see the free movie at the mall. It's a weekly summer tradition for us. The kids wear their bathing suits under their clothes. We join the herds of other moms and children to watch the free family movie, eat in the food court, and play in the sprinkler/water fountain at the mall. Fun, inexpensive treat!
3. I started my Christmas shopping! Yea! I bought 9 gifts this week! They are for girls/women in the family - mostly my daughters and nieces. For some reason, they are the ones I end up buying for early.
4. Friday we went to north Georgia to look at a piece of property that we are interested in purchasing to possibly build a home! It is a gorgeous plot of land! I think it would actually be easier if we didn't like the land. Now, we have a lot of decisions and work ahead of us.
5. We spent a couple of days with my mom and dad. We were able to visit and mom cooked a great meal that we shared with my brother and his family and my grandmother. We had a great time!
6. My girls are enjoying spending the week with my parents and seeing their family there. But our car felt lighter and our house a little emptier! I miss them, but they'll have fun!
7. On the other hand, we had the wonderful opportunity to bring our nephew home with us. He's going to basketball camp near our house, and will be able to spend some time with us while he's in our neck of the woods! He's a fun kid to have around and E is thrilled to have a "brother" for a week!

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Joan said...

I am glad to have been part of some of these good events.