Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - # 10 for me

Thirteen Things we regularly buy in bulk at Sam's Club.

1 - 2. All paper products - paper towels, napkins, paper plates, toilet paper, paper cups, Kleenex, wipes, etc.

3. Chicken breasts and salmon steaks.

4. Soft Soap to go beside every sink in our house.

5. Fresh fruit - apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges

6. pencils and notebook paper for school

7. Excedrin - Big bottles to use to refill all of my small ones stashed everywhere - one bottle for my car, one for my purse, one for my desk drawer, one for the medicine cabinet at home.

8. Toiletries - toothpaste, hairspray, floss, shampoo, even toothbrushes when needed

9. Snacks for ball teams, school activities, etc.

10. Drinks - water bottles, juice, Gatorade, soft drinks, Diet Lipton Green Tea

11. Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken soup. I use them in tons of things.

12. Ramen noodles - My kids love to eat these for lunch - quick and easy!

13. Batteries - In a house with three children, you can never have enough batteries for all the toys, games, and gadgets!

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Carol said...

Yea for Sam's Club - I don't have young children, but I still buy bulk items there.

Joan said...

I guess we are going to have to spring for a membership. I miss Sam's since we moved here.

Shelley said...

We use BJs instead of Sam's Club, but all the same. I don't buy a lot there, but tea and granola bars...sometimes vitamins.

I have never brought produce though...just never looked as good as the grocery store and I figure it will probably just go bad.

My TT is up...and lonely...come on over!

Christina said...

I love shopping at discount clubs! Meat, especially chicken breasts, is so much cheaper than the grocery store! I also use BJ's to stock up on soda, water, and baby products.

Pen said...

I never shop at Sam's. I used too, but stopped because I just don't care for the one near us. There are "nicer" ones in the area, but not in convenient locations for us. To stock up I watch for a smokin' hot sale to match up with my coupons. It's Grocery Game style.

Pre-grocery game I spent about $600 per month for a family of 3 and two dogs. This did not include health & beauty or cleaning products. Now I spend $300 per month including those products. I get a whole lot more for a whole lot less. Our savings account is loving it!

Happy TTing!

FRIGGA said...

I miss getting those great deals!

Happy TT13 - mines up at Any Apples

Crimson Wife said...

We don't have Sam's Club in our area (don't have a Wal-Mart either) but I LOOOOOVE Costco! :-)