Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2 Dresses - 2 Generations

When I was young, my mother made a lot of my clothes. She often made my doll, Reddy (My mother also made this favorite doll with red hair whom I named so creatively.), outfits to match my own. I loved it! Reddy and I would be decked out in matching outfits, looking extremely groovy, when we went out to play. I still have Reddy, but I don't have any of the matching outfits any more. I wish I still had one or two to show my girls.

My mom also made two special dresses with similar red and yellow material. She made one for me and one for my cousin. My cousin and I are very close in age and loved to be together and play. To the left, you can see my cousin and me in our similar dresses many years ago.

A couple of years ago, our families vacationed together and my mom brought those two dresses for our children to try on. To the right, you see my cousin's daughter and my daughter dressed in the same dresses! The younger generation of girls wore the dresses with a little more attitude than we did 30 years ago! They thought it was pretty cool to dress in "vintage" clothing. Now, that's far out!


Joan said...

I can hear John Denver squealing "Far out!!" in his signature call during his concerts. This is really cool!

Larisa said...

That is so cute. My mom gave me a dress I wore a lot as a toddler and we have a picture of L wearing it in a picture frame with me wearing the same dress. I think it is neat. I still kick myself that I forgot to get S to wear the same dress to have a picture of all three of us. However S got big a lot quicker so when she reached 2 the age of myself and L the dress was so small we couldn't get it on her. Oh well. Cute pictures!

Maggs said...

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