Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Seven - #10 for me

This was a wonderful week and there are many highlights for which I am thankful! Here are seven.

1. This week I had jury duty. I am happy to do my share of civic duty, but I have to admit that this is the best jury duty I've ever done. My mom came to stay at my house to keep the kids while I went to the courthouse. Each night I called the jury number, and each night I was informed that my number was excused for the following day. I didn't have to go to the courthouse a single day and I had the entire week to visit with my mom!

2. This week was Bible School for my kids. In the morning, my girls went with their friend to her church's VBS, and in the evening their friend went with us to our church's VBS. The kids had a blast and learned a lot. Our church always gives the kids a CD of music used during Bible School. This year it had a cowboy theme and the music was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed showing us the motions and dances to the songs, and we enjoyed watching them practice. I have a feeling that it will be a CD we'll keep around long after Bible School is over. And, while the kids were at VBS, I had more free time than I usually have to visit with my mom!

3. VBS also gave me time with my son. He didn't go to the morning VBS with our neighbor. So, each morning, with the girls gone, E had his mom and gram to himself. We enjoyed some special time together!

4. The major thing "I" accomplished this week was "sprucing up" my house a little. I have 11 1st grade teachers from my school coming to my house tomorrow and Tuesday for planning sessions. I had worked to organize and clean out the house, but it really began to shine this week as Mom helped me spruce it up. She has a decorative touch. For the last nine years, with 3 kids, my house has turned into a purely functional house - no pretty touches, no time or energy for frills and decorations. Everything needed to have a purpose and function, or it needed to be gone. Mom helped me make the house pretty. The buffet has dishes nicely displayed instead of being the main hub of paperwork and needed supplies. The guest bathroom now has towels to match instead of old printed towels that won't be ruined by dirty little hands. The surfaces of my house are decorative instead of being piled with scissors, papers, pens, calculators, kids books, etc. that we leave lying around because we use them daily. My house looks pretty and inviting instead of chaotic but functional. Thanks, Mom!

5. I enjoyed seeing my dad twice this week! Dad was at a conference not far from our house. He dropped Mom at our house on Monday and picked her up Friday and visited a while each time. It's always fun to have him around, and it was especially nice to see him the week before Father's Day.

6. It rained! We have had such a drought lately. So little rain for months. It settled in and rained most of the day Friday. We still need more, but I'm glad we had some to brighten up the earth and give the plants some relief.

7. My front porch is clean! Mom had all the kids get into their bathing suits, drag out the water hose and wash all the yellow pollen off the front porch. It's amazing how much brighter and cleaner the white banisters look when they are not covered with yellow dust!

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Joan said...

What a wonderful week it was!