Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 4 - Half-way There

Thirteen Things that are on my computer desk because I'm in the middle of doing them. I'm not ADD, but if you look at my desk you may think I am. I frequently start things, reach a snag and move on to something else. Here are 13 examples from my computer desk right now.

1. On my computer desk are notes of 2 Thursday thirteens that I've started writing about and haven't finished. I need to check a detail on both of them and just haven't gotten around to doing it. So, I just started a new Thursday Thirteen - the one you are reading right now.

2 - 6. I have half-made plans for a Math Fair, Writing Fair, Reading Fair, Science Fair (not your typical kind of Science Fair), and Social Studies Fair on my desk. After Spring break, I plan to have some fun Fridays focusing on academic subject areas. I have all the days' plans started, but need to gather a lot of materials.

7. All three of my children start baseball/softball this weekend. I have the emails from their coaches and my calendar. I need to write down all the dates, so we can arrange how to get to all the practices and games.

8. School forms. - Three picture money packets, 3 field day t-shirt order forms, 3 Bingo night ticket forms, etc. I need to see what is due next.

9. 2 sets of Math papers, 2 sets of writing papers, 1 spelling test, and various other papers that need to be graded. I should probably be doing that instead of writing this Thursday thirteen.

10. A paper from our children's choir director. The kids are in a spring cantata at church. The paper tells me what kind of costume the kids need. I need to start gathering some unique character costume items.

11. Kids' recipe notes from my oldest daughter. She's interested in trying some of her own recipes and writing them down. She and I have brainstormed some ideas and she's tried them out. Those notes are here, too. Maybe we can work on that this weekend.

12. A shopping list started. What else do I need at the store? I'll take a hint from Scarlett and think about that later.

13. The only other thing I have on my computer desk is kids' books. The girls are reading books for a program at school. We need to log the books tonight.

It will all get done. Maybe not on time, but it will be completed. Tomorrow is another day.

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Joan said...

Oh my goodness! You don't have time to work!

Carol said...

"Tomorrow is another day" is my mantra. There's never enough time to get everything done.

Jane said...

That's a great list Lyn. Sounds very familiar. My desk looked like that when the boys were young (except for the papers to grade!).
I am sure you will get it done.