Monday, February 26, 2007

The Best Medicine

Today was a Monday - a good day, but a very busy day - a Monday. I had 6 meetings during the school day (4 gifted referral meetings, 1 Care Team meeting, and 1 Student Support Team meeting), so I had three different substitutes in my classroom throughout much of the day. I would rather have been with my students. However, a lot was accomplished on behalf of individual education programs for 6 of my students, so it was a productive day.

I came home wiped out emotionally and intellectually. I found a remedy. We loaded up the kids and headed to our church's ball field that is seldom used this early in the season. Our little family of five had a blast! We hit the ball, ran bases, caught flies, chased grounders, laughed, and had a great time! My right arm hasn't had a workout like that in years and feels like a limp noodle right now, but it was well worth it! It was 70 degrees and BEAUTIFUL outside and it couldn't have been a better way to end the day! Now, we're rejuvenated and ready for homework! What great medicine for a tiring day!


Carol said...

Sounds wonderful! I need to do stuff like that more often myself. I've always heard the best way to feel energized is to do something active rather than resting.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a pefect day. It is great to get to read about your day.

Ruth said...

After reading Daddy's Roses, every day is a good day when one does not have to have a mammogram.