Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunday Seven - #4 for me

My children played softball and baseball 2 years ago for one season. We took the year off and didn't play last season. This year, we decided to put the children in a very large church league close to our home instead of one of the recreational leagues in our area. We were happy with the rec league they played in previously, so it was a hard decision for us. However, I was looking for something a little less competitive and high-strung. I wanted the kids focused on learning the game, and not so terribly aware of the score and their own personal stats. I want them to win and do well, but I didn't want playing the game to be stressful for them. There's enough stress in the world. I'm glad we switched leagues. Here are seven things that I am thankful my children have in their softball/baseball league this year.
1. Teaching. This large, church league is focused on kids having fun while they learn the game. The coaches take time to teach all of the children to how to play each aspect of the game. They take time with the "teachable moments" to instruct and help the children learn.
2. Prayer. The teams pray at the beginning of each game and at the end. I love that my children see strong, athletic people pray outside of church. The players are often given an opportunity to lead the team in prayer if they want. I think it shows the kids that prayer is an important part of life, and not just something we do in church on Sunday.
3. Positive attitudes. Parents cheer positively for their own team and even (gasp) sometimes children on the other team! I have frequently seen opposing coaches congratulate players when a good play is made.
4. Teamwork. Teamwork is a primary focus. A "we're all in this together" attitude. Today, the coach of the team one of my daughter's team was playing was late. Our coach had all of the girls on the field together warming up. It's a game. They were all there to have fun and play the best they could. They warmed up as one team.
5. Fun. It has been stressed to all three of my kids that "this is a game." Last night, my youngest daughter had practice. After formal practice, the coach stayed to "play" with any girls who could stay. They played speed ball with parents, siblings, coaches and players all on the field. They were able to relax, have fun, and enjoy the game - a little batting, throwing, and fielding practice was slipped in with all the laughing!
6. Physical activity. It's good to get outside and run after a day of school work and homework. Getting in condition is an important part of the game and a good life-lesson for the kids.
7. Discipline and hard work. We're all good. We can all get better through hard work and practice. Again, a wonderful life-lesson.



That is a great list. Your #4 is just so true. "What's gonna work----teamwork."
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Jane said...

Lyn, that is so wonderful. That is exactly why the church hubby previously served started a church recreation league. We wanted to provide children with a positive atmosphere in which to learn a sport. I am so glad your kids are having a good experience. They will never forget the lessons they are learning.
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Joan said...

This is so true -- there is enough stress in life without our making playtime an additional one! I especially agree that it is an important subtle lesson to children of faith to see prayer and Christian principals fostered in a non-church setting. Thanks for an excellent SS. Mine is also posted.

Joan said...

oops! wrong "principle" used above. I noticed it as soon as I clicked publish. I meant Christian principles.

Lazy Daisy said... fun to play a game for fun. We had many "character building teams" when the team lost every game.
So glad your kids can be a part of a positive recreational activity. Thanks for sharing this.

YoungMommy said...

Great list! Sports can be such a great way for our children to learn so much about themselves and others!

Happy SS!


P.S. Mine's up too :o)

Melanie said...

Great list. I really enjoyed your Sunday Seven!