Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Seven - #2 Edition for Me

1. I hate to sound trivial, but the main thing I've been thankful for this week is the weather! 73 degrees with a refreshing breeze! Who could ask for anything more!
2. We've spent a couple of evenings this week playing softball - just my little family of five. What fun! Hitting, running, catching - we've had a blast!
3. All three children are playing baseball or softball. We've spent a lot of time at practices this week. The children are learning a lot and having a good time. I'm thankful to be able to be outside in the evening, enjoying the fresh air!
4. Hope!
5. Bright yellow jonquils in our backyard! Beautiful!
6. 46 school days until summer!
7. Spring break is in sight!


Joan said...

Oh my! Blessing beyond compare. I think you have to reach my age before you can realize what a blessing it is to spend a beautiful Spring day outside playing actively and uninhibitedly with three children you love! As the song says, "What a wonderful world!"

Carol said...

Wow - I'm with you on all the spring things. I LOVE this warmer weather - sun shining - cool breeze, and now daylight time! YEA! I LOVE daylight time. And it's so cool that your family of 5 plays ball together.

Christine said...

That you have a backyard brimming with daffodils is beautiful. I look forward to summer activities with our toddler. A family that plays and eats together, stays together!

My Sunday Seven #2 is also up.