Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Seven #3 for me

1. We had a field trip to Fernbank Planetarium in Atlanta on Monday. I left the school with 20 children and returned with all 20. No one got hurt, lost, or sick. We left Fernbank still standing and in good shape. That's a good, successful day by any standards!

2. Tuesday we had a Georgia author and illustrator visit our school. She told us about interesting places in Georgia and demonstrated how she changes photographs to drawn illustrations in her books. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed meeting her. My own kids bought a set of her books and she autographed them. Fun day!

3. My parents drove 2 hours to come to see all three of my children play ball yesterday. I appreciate their constant support!

4. Opening day of softball/baseball season was freezing cold but a lot of fun! We had a "ball!" The kids played well and had a blast!

5. Mom and Dad took our kids home with them because I have a work day on Monday and needed someone to keep the kids. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

6. RJ and I had a nice evening shopping for E's birthday and watching a movie. We stayed up late knowing that no one would be waking us up early this morning. It was a relaxing evening, night, and morning!

7. 9 school days until Spring Break!


Jane said...

What a great list. I think it is great that your parents are able to take the kids for you sometimes. Not only because you have a work day but because it gives you and RJ some alone time which is very important.

My seven are up too.

Carol said...

I'm on spring break now. I'm SO looking forward to the next week. I'll be working on the house the whole time - but at least it'll be my own work.
Great Sunday Seven!

elisheva said...

I used to love it when the grandparents would take the is now 21 and the other is 14 with quite a social life....Happy Sunday Seven! I hope the time passes soon.

My Seven is up....and I'm from GA too!

Joan said...

I finally got my Sunday Seven posted. I enjoyed reading about the highpoints of your week!