Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - My Edition #7 - Junk Food Junkie!

Last night I made a quick run to my home-away-from- home. Walmart has become a place I seem to frequent. I was embarrassed to check out because of all the junk food in my cart. Here are the reasons I bought a buggy full of junk!

1-3 - All 3 of my children play baseball or softball. We have snack for all three of their teams after the games soon. I bought an assortment of chips and Gatorade for 3 teams.

4. E's birthday is this weekend. He is celebrating it with his class today, so I bought 4 packs of cupcakes.

5. Also, for his party this weekend, we needed pinata fillers - more candy and small trinkets.

6-9. All 3 children have their class Spring party in the next 2 days. We bought 1 dozen plastic eggs and Starburst to put in them for each child.

7. N's class Spring party is today. We bought juice boxes for her class.

8. B needed cookies to decorate for her class party.

9. E's room mom requested a bowl of fruit. So I DID buy one item that wasn't junk.

10. My own class has a party is today. I bought chips for our picnic-themed Spring party.

11. I bought more chips for E's birthday cookout on Sunday.

12. I bought granola bars for my children to take to school for snack time. It's practically a crime to send children to school without a snack to eat in the morning.

13. I bought candy for my AR jar- more Starbursts. My students are allowed to get a treat on Friday when they take an AR computerized test.

Walmart must love me!

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Joan said...

You didn't mention the total monetary cost of this collection of non-food. I'll bet it was significant! And the amount of time spent was also no small sum. I enjoyed reading this. My TT is also posted.

Jane said...

What a hoot. I know how you feel though. When I have bought large quantities of stuff I always feel like they are thinking.."Why is that woman buy all this"?????
But I figure the money I am spending makes it none of their business.
Have fun with all the festivities!
My T13 is up.

jenny said...

Those are all valid reasons for getting junk food. sometimes in life we gotta have those junk...hehehe! I'm pretty sure Walmart loves u!

Kathy said...

I am an employee at Wal*Mart, and YES!!!! I do love you!!!! Today is my day off (so I'm doing all this TT visiting), but we (at Wally's) expect to get hammered this weekend, and all of next week, with Easter shoppers! I love all you shoppers! Thank you for shopping Wally's!! I don't care what you buy, or how much is junk food, just spend!

About three weeks ago, three people, respresenting their local township, came in and bought $550 worth of JUST Reese's peanut butter eggs for the local egg hunt!

So, if you are ever visiting Washington, PA, come in and visit me!

Carol said...

Wallyworld and Kroger - what would I do without either of them. My trouble is that when I buy treats for Easter egg hunts or parties, I always end up eating some of it (or a LOT of it) myself.

Qtpies7 said...

Oh man, I didn't know you needed an excuse to buy junk food! LOL
I get looks because I buy $400 worth of groceries and its only for a couple of days! Plus all the junk food.

Denise Patrick said...

At least you had a good reason for buying it all. I just buy junk food for ME!!!

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Lori said...

I have 2 boys and can definitely relate. Although only one is still home with me, he eats like 2:)

Missy said...

Do we need reasons to buy junk food?

Walmart is a regular stop for me as well. I hate shopping.

Barbara said...

Lyn, what would we do without WalMart! The junk food is fine for the reasons you gave! My daughter has 4 in sports (that is, did - her SR son played football and he's graduating) - and she's often had to get enough of something for one or more teams. And,her daughter, besides soccer, is a Diamond Doll for one of the baseball players, so she has to fix him a goodie sack for his game. It's always something. :) She only has one in grammar school though - a 5th grader, so his party days at school are about over.

Thanks for visiting my TT today.