Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Mystery is Solved

You all are good! I think the only one you didn't get is the first one, and I think it's my favorite.
ckrode = karate (We have been studying the buddy letters ck.)
somtinrelay = something really (as in "Something really big was in her closet.")
polesofosor = police officer
chikrchet = trick or treat
stumeckack = stomache ache
suprist = surprised
McKanik = mechanic
pypole = people (We had talked about y as a vowel.)
evreanml = every animal

I love the knowledge they show about the English language when they write. I started a list for myself today on all the different ways they spell beautiful. So phonetic. It's cute.

Thanks for playing! :-)

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Terrell said...

Karate!!!! Oh, that hurts! How could I have missed that? I may have to turn in my teaching certificate.

I loved the puzzle, Lyn.