Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Organizing Earthworms

There are times that teaching 1st grade is like organizing earthworms. Before you can get them all in order, a couple of them wiggle away. Today was such a day.

In my 7 hours with TWENTY 6-year-olds today,

  • 2 children came in late
  • 2 different students checked out early
  • 3 children visited the clinic
  • 1 child went home sick
  • 1 student had an accident in her pants
  • 2 students had to catch up from being absent yesterday
  • 2 parents dropped by to deliver coats and gloves and wanted to chat with me while they were there
  • 3 students left items on the playground and had to leave class to retrieve them
  • 1 child pulled a tooth causing blood to spill on the desk which caused all kinds of gross reactions from the other students
  • the same child dropped the tooth causing more distraction while the class helped find it
  • 1 child broke a necklace trying to force it over the other child's head - more cause for the class to hunt and be distracted
  • the same child cried for a quite a while over the necklace
  • 1 child hit her mouth on the desk while trying to find the necklace - more crying
  • 2 children had runny noses and frequently needed to get up and blow them causing noise and reactions from others
  • 1 child's hamster died last night causing her to cry off and on all day
  • 1 child thought another child took his eraser causing hard feelings and angry stares
  • 1 child lost his ice cream money
  • 1 child didn't get the ice cream he ordered
  • 2 children left for ESOL classes
  • 3 more children left for reading resource help
  • 2 children left for reading enrichment
  • 4 students left for vision/hearing testing
  • 1 child fell on the sidewalk coming back from the bathroom and had to have a bandaid (even though no blood was in sight)
  • 1 child had a cough that sounded like the barking of a very loud seal all day long.
Of course, each child who missed a few minutes of class time had to be "caught up" when they returned.

In between these distractions:
  • we counted mixed sets of pennies, nickels and dimes,
  • we made contractions,
  • we demonstrated force through pushing and pulling,
  • we illustrated desert life, and
  • we wrote a "how to" paragraph on brushing teeth.

I don't know for sure how much "education" soaked in today. I DO know for sure that I'm pooped!

Most days, my class runs like a well-oiled machine. Today was NOT one of those days. Today was like organizing earthworms.


Ruth said...

WOW ...I am so tried from reading your post, i feel like going to bed.
It was somewaht conforting at the end when you reported this was not the usual day for the teacher.

Thanks for a great read...Get rested up for tomorrow...

The Median Sib said...

Poor thing! Try to get to bed early! (Ha! ha! I know how THAT is with such young ones!)

Joan said...

At least earthworms would be quiet!

Terrell said...

Tough day!

I think I could do a pretty good list too. Yours did not include mystery messy briefs on the floor of the potty - accidents happen!