Monday, January 29, 2007

Mystery Words

I love to watch the language development in young children. Last year I taught kindergarten and this year I brought those same kindergarteners to 1st grade. It has been fun to watch them progress from kids who could only sing their ABC song to writers! Here are some words from their writing workshops last week that these 6-year-olds sounded out by themselves. Can you guess what the words are? I'll post the answers tomorrow.



Joan said...

I think I recognize "stomach ache" and "trick or treat" and "surprised" and "mechanic". I can't make anything out of the others. I enjoy seeing children's language use develop.

Lyn said...

You're good. All of those are right. I thought trick or treat would be a hard one. I love the Mc spelling of machanic. :-)

Carol said...

Okay - here goes:

something really
police office
Stomach ache
every animal

How did I do??? And I saw Joan's guess for "Trick or treat" before I had figured it out for myself.

Terrell said...

OK, I'm gonna try these offline so I won't peek at the responses of someone else. I've made a stab at the first two and the last. even though they have me buffaloed. I know I'll be aggravated at my stupidity when you interpret for us! I think I have the rest.

ckrode - sicker-[??] ? security?
somtinrelay - something really?
polesofosor - police officer
chikrchet - trick or treat
stumeckack - stomach ache
suprist - surprised
McKanik - mechanic
pypole - people
evreanml - every animal? environmental?

Ruth said...

WOW. I am amazed. It must be a "teacher" thing. I could never have sounded them out.

Jane said...

Well, I got mechanic and people and I thought the first one might be corrode but I was stumped on the others. Kids are amazing.

jeonjutarheel said...

That's my favorite part of teaching the young kids. There's been so much progress in just the six months I've had them!