Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a Hoot!

Five and six-year-old basketball players are a hoot! Our son is playing basketball for the first time this season and we've had a ball watching his team. The kids play hard and play most of the game with broad grins on their faces! We've joked that we don't know how they get down the court so quickly. They have to be fighting a lot of wind resistance as it blows through their teeth while they laugh and run at the same time! They enjoy the game, and their coach is all about helping them have fun and learn the basics. Our poor little team is full of young, first-time players. They haven't won a game, but they've tried hard, improved a lot, and had fun learning. We look forward to watching them play each week! They could care less if they are playing a game or having practice, as long as they get to play and have a snack afterwards! "Getting" to bring the snack is one of the most exciting parts of the game!

One of my favorite stories of the season happened in our first official game. The referee (who looks like Will Farrell and has a wonderful, patient personality) blew his whistle and boomed in a deep voice, "Time-out!" Well, you know what time out mean to 5 and 6 year old boys! All 10 of them looked bewildered and didn't quite know what to do! The ref clearly didn't know why no one was leaving the court and just repeated, "Time-out!" All the moms were yelling for the boys to go to their coaches. It was funny to watch them try to process what was happening.

At half-time of each game, all the players line up and shoot 2 free throws. The baskets earned are added to the score. I like this part of the game. The kids all get a chance to shoot and the score is usually a little closer after everyone gets their chance at the free-throw line. It gives hope - hope to make a basket, hope to narrow the lead, or hope to go ahead. I think the biggest advantage is that each boy gets a chance to shoot and in his mind, everyone is watching him and he's in the big leagues! They all get a chance to shine!


Joan said...

What a shame that the adults in their lives often make children's games into such competitive events no one can enjoy them, especially the players. I love the part about this league that allows each one an opportunity to handle the ball and shoot a couple of baskets.

Terrell said...

Lyn! Y'all move to Rome THIS SEASON! I want to go to some of these games. What a hoot indeed.