Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sounds I Love

Thirteen sounds I love to hear
2nd Edition

1. Any one of my three children singing. It is undeniably the most beautiful sound on earth to me!
2. Running water. No, not from a leaky faucet, but from a creek or river. The sound is an immediate stress-buster!
3. Waves on the ocean. I could sit on the beach and listen to the waves for hours. There is something very soothing about the rhythm. We go to the beach every summer. This past summer there were more shells on the shore than I have ever seen. The sound of the waves receding across those thousands of tiny shells was beautiful and unique. It sounded almost like bells softly ringing.

4. My husband singing The Lord's Prayer or Oh Holy Night. He has a gorgeous tenor voice that I haven't heard in much too long.

5. A hand bell choir. I played in a hand bell choir for a couple of years. The tones are so fresh and clear. It is beautiful music.
6. Piano music played by a skilled musician. To me, it's the most beautiful instrument. We had only piano music for accompaniment, no organ, in our wedding.

7. Silence. Being a 1st grade teacher and spending each day with 20 6-year-olds and then coming home to 3 young ones, silence is something I rarely have. It is extremely renewing and refreshing to have very quiet time when I can "hear myself think." When I am up alone during the night or first thing in the morning, the silence is stunning and calming.

8. B's "belly laugh." B is my most serious child. She's a little stingy with her laugh, but when she is really amused by something, her laugh is contagious. It comes from deep within her and only comes when she is genuinely, completely happy. I love it!

9. Newborn baby gurgling and cooing sounds. Those sounds were music to my ears when my kids were babies. After a very difficult pregnancy and birth of my first child, I awoke from an emergency C-section to hear my daughter in the bassinet making little sounds. I listened to them all night. The perfect sounds of sweetness, innocence and purity.

10. The 3:15 bell at work that means it's time to go! I enjoy my job and love the kids I work with, but that 3:15 bell brings a wave of relief. One job done for the day, and time to move to the home job. At least laundry, homework, and housework can be done in a less regimented schedule.

11. The crackling of leaves under my feet when taking a walk in the Fall.
12. Gentle rain falling on the roof as I go to sleep. That's universally a favorite sound, isn't it? When I was in college, I lived in a dorm. One year my room was above the laundry room and the laundry room window had a tin awning above it. When it rained at night, the sound of the rain hitting that tin would lull me to sleep.
13. Nature. Sitting outside in the country at night or early morning while the world awakens is renewing - frogs, crickets, birds, horses, etc. We have a farm house in the country that RJ and his brother and brother-in-law are remodeling. We don't visit it often, but when we do it's relaxing to sit on the porch in the fresh country air and let the hassles from the day be washed away.

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Aunt Debi said...

We should have had R sing O Holy Night while we were at Mother's on the Tuesday after Christmas! I also love to hear him sing. And to hear your children laugh. They, and you, are very precious to me.

Carol said...

Great list! I didn't know R could sing! I love "O Holy Night."

Joan said...

I also love to hear RJ sing O Holy Night! And I love to hear YOU sing anything -- I wish you'd do it more often. I enjoyed hearing your beautiful alto when I sat beside you in church a couple of Sundays ago.

beth said...

Yes - we know YOU sing well also! I didn't know RJ sang either.

I love your list and am so glad you figured out how to do a TT! lol

Wacky Mommy said...

I love the handbells, too. Nice list.

Marcia said...

Great list - The sounds of rain and the ocean are so soothing. Our son is an adult, our niece moved to another country, but the sound of the way they said Mom or Marcia when they were little are still my favorite sounds.

Jane said...

Lyn, that is a great T13. I learned some things about you and your family. Evidently, we have many in our family who can sing. We should form a quartet (or quintet): you as alto, R as tenor, I can do soprano, Terry could join in too and my hubby can do bass. We could perform at the next family reunion!!!