Monday, April 2, 2007

Farm Livin'

We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We left Saturday morning and went to our farm house in Elberton, Georgia for a celebration of the beginning of Spring Break and E's 6th birthday. We had beautiful weather and played outside all weekend in the huge pastures surrounding the house. We played football, basketball, and softball, and thoroughly enjoyed being outside and together.

I shared a couple of "first" experiences with my children this weekend! We all learned to drive a 4-wheeler! I'd never done that in my life. I've never even driven a stick-shift car, and I really didn't have much of an idea how to switch gears. So, my driving was a little jerky, but a lot of fun. The children each took turns driving, with their daddy jogging beside them giving instructions. My husband is one of the most cautious men you'll ever meet. He doesn't take risks with our children's safety. So, they were only able to get into first gear, which made them drive slowly, and he jogged right beside them - mostly with his hand on the steering

wheel helping them guide the 4-wheeler. Each of them drove with HUGE smiles on their faces and felt so big!

Of course, it was also fun to ride behind RJ as he drove. That way, we went much faster and felt much more confident. We were adventurous and able to go more exciting places. It was fun to ride and feel the wind. It was a feeling of freedom and fun! I could feel stress draining from my body.

What a great day!


Joan said...

I enjoyed the pics! Thanks for sharing them this morning. I noticed you didn't get close enough on the shot of Bri for us to see her facial expression! LOL

Ruth said...

Thanks Ly for sharing those beautiful, wonderful pics. my my your Granddad would have loved walking on that land! This will prove to be a wonderful investment for all of you.