Monday, April 2, 2007

Another Farm First

Another farm first for the children and me this weekend was climbing a deer stand! Wow, those things are high! You'd think they were used to see birds or something in the sky rather than something way down on the ground that can't even climb a tree!

Saturday afternoon, RJ hooked a small trailer to the 4-wheeler and the kids and I climbed on board. We drove all through the woods! What a beautiful trip! We have 56 acres there, and I've never seen most of it. I've taken walks through the woods, but I've never ridden around so that I could see so much of it. We rode all the way back to a beautiful creek that serves as the back property line. It was gorgeous! We saw many squirrels, a deserted turtle shell, many plants and flowers, and a wild turkey!

While we were enjoying the experience of the woods, we stopped by one of RJ's deer stands and each of us took a turn climbing to the top and looking around. What a view! I had hoped we might see a deer or turkey or some other form of wildlife, but even though we didn't the view of nature was outstanding from that high! The girls, in usual form, wanted to go together and clung together at the top of the stand. They declared it scary, but fun. E, in true form, wanted to be independent and go by himself. Even old mom managed to get to the top and look around, although you'll never see images of that posted here! One of my children decided to be helpful and take a picture from the ground of me climbing DOWN the ladder! What a beautiful picture that was! I'm thrilled that digital cameras have a delete button!

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Joan said...

What wonderful memories for the children! I appreciate your posting the pics.