Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 13 for me

Thirteen Things I've missed about blogging!
This is not an exciting or even terribly interesting post. But, hey, at least it's a post. I'm taking baby steps back to the blog.

1. expressing my thoughts

2. having an outlet for my emotions

3. having some time to myself to think and type

4. feeling like part of the "blogging community" - something bigger than just my little section of the world

5. feeling in touch with family - Many of my family members blog, and I like to read what they write.

6. keeping a "journal" for my children to read sometime in the future

7. checking everyone else's blogs - I miss reading about what's going on with everyone else.

8. thinking - Not that I don't think all the time anyway, but there are some clever blogs out there that make me laugh, smile, wonder, and think.

9. having time write - which is something I really enjoy

10. participating in all the little memes

11. reading everyone's answers to all the cute little memes

12. venting, contemplating, considering, organizing, ranting, raving - I missed a venue for my feelings

13. Sunday Seven - One of my favorite memes - an opportunity to count my blessings regularly and frequently

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Joan said...

Yea! Welcome back!

Terrell said...

I don't know what prompted me to click today on the Sleepless Juggler after so long. Glad I did. Welcome back!

Carol said...

Yea! So glad you're blogging again. Great list, by the way. I blog for all those reasons, too. However, I think we've all taken "vacations" from blogging occasionally.