Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sunday Seven

Seven significant scenes from this past week.

1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my youngest daughter play basketball. It is her first season to play and their team had only won one game until yesterday. They won. That was fun, but the thing that was the most fun was to watch her become at ease on the court. She felt more confident and relaxed and had fun! It's fun to watch your child do something they really enjoy.

2. I had the opportunity to spend Saturday with my parents. I haven't seen them in a while and they came to Nat's game. Afterward, we just hung out at home and talked. It's always so good to spend time with them and chat!

3. We had dinner this week with RJ's family. What fun! All of us (with the exception of one child who was attending a birthday party) around one big table, eating, talking, and catching up.

4. RJ and I have talked a lot this week about "the house" and "the land". We've made some big decisions that have had to be changed and we've made new decisions this week. He's a very level-headed, calm man. That calms me.

5. I got back in touch with old friends this week. I have 2 college friends that I haven't seen in almost 3 years. I miss them! However, life had gotten hectic lately and we'd not kept in touch as closely as we usually do. By "we", I guess I mean me. I was the weak link. But they kept on sending notes and this week, we've connected again through email - much easier to me than phone or snail mail. I love hearing what's going on in their lives again!

6. I turned in my preference form at work stating that I would be seeking employment in another county for the next school year. I've been at this school for 14 years and I've loved it. It's an excellent school, but I'm ready to make the move - and now it's becoming "official" that I'm leaving.

7. It's not been a restful week, but it's been a productive one. My grandmother has said that often the things we DON'T do wear us out more than the things we DO. That's definitely true in my life. This week, I was able to catch up on many things that have been on my TO DO list much too long.


Ruth said...

I have not checked blogs this week and had quit checking your post...but enjoyed reading it tonight...always good amd always interesting

Joan said...

What an encouraging SS! Doing these SS posts seems to help me prioritize and focus on what is really important in life. It looks like you do the same.

Carol said...

I like your SS, too. And I wholeheartedly belive in #7!