Friday, January 25, 2008

A Done Deal...Again

Can you picture a house sitting here, looking out at the mountain? I can. It will be our house. RJ and I started an adventure in house-building last summer. It is January 25 and we've yet to break ground. When we started looking for land on which to build, we settled on this 10 acres very quickly. It is gorgeous! The very back of the property is a huge field, and the rest of it is wooded and fairly flat. From the very beginning, I could see our three children growing up on this property, playing in the woods, running in the field, and enjoying the outdoors. Toward the back of the property there is a slight rise of the earth which would make the perfect spot for the house. That's where this picture was taken. We bought this property before really looking at any other pieces of land, contracted a builder, picked out a house plan, signed a contract, had the building site cleared of trees, and had a date for the building to begin.

Then, the adventure really began. To make a long story short, due to a subdivision developer who made us an offer on the land, we changed builders and house plans, signed a contract to sell the land, searched for a different piece of property, and signed a contract (after many, many hours scouring the city) on a smaller parcel of land which happened to be right across the street from this lot. We switched gears - went to plan B. Plan B is never easy for me. Well, yesterday, plan B started to crumble before our very eyes. Today, plan B is history. As much as I resisted plan B when it started, it was hard to watch it fall apart. The developer of our original 10 acres is backing out of the deal, which means we can't buy the 4 acres, which means we're back to plan A. I like plan A. Here is our future home site - the place my children will grow up. We loved it the first time we saw it, and it's easy to come back to now. We hope to close on the construction loan within 2 weeks and start building by the end of February. I'll keep you posted.


Joan said...

Even Plan A can be hard when you've already adjusted to Plan B. Uncertainty is what wears a lot of us out!

Carol said...

That reminds me that I never got to see the house plans you brought to Mother's at Christmas. I hope to see them soon. How exciting. You are almost exactly a year behind RT and me. :-) Next Christmas, you can celebrate the holidays in your new home.

Terrell said...

Wow! What a confusing year! But how we are looking forward to having y'all closer by. That will be a beautiful home on a beautiflu plot of ground!!