Thursday, December 28, 2006

Family quotes

Thirteen quotes from my family
First edition
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My family is unique and I love each of them. These are quotes that were/are frequently used by some of my family members. Each quote is unique (as far as I know) to the person that uses/used it and struck a chord with me.

1. "Don't tell me what to do" is something my dad would jokingly say to amuse my brother and me when someone told him to have a good day. He obviously didn't say it loud enough that the person who wished him a good day could hear it. :-)
2. "Read the directions. It makes Christmas last twice as long" is a quote from my Uncle G. When I was young, my family spent some wonderful Christmases with my aunt and uncle and their 2 children who were about the same age as my brother and me. This was his answer when we'd ask how to play a new game. He was right, it did make Christmas last longer and was educational too.
3. "Eat to live. Don't live to eat" is something my mother says when we were craving something unhealthy to encourage us all to eat more correctly. Food for thought.
4. "No one is wise enough or good enough to raise children" is from my grandmother noting how difficult it is to be a parent. It is encouragement and seems to imply that everyone struggles with this. No one can do it perfectly. It's an incredibly important job, there's no hand book, and we must do the best we can.
5. "Life is hard. Be nice to each other" sounds very simplistic but has valuable meaning. This is a quote from my grandmother and was meant to remind us that we don't always know what other people are facing. We should assume the best of people and give them the benefit of the doubt.
6. "I despise to cook" was our dinner bell and means come and eat. My mom would yell these words as she separated the parts of the meal we would eat from the parts of the meal that were burned and would be thrown away. This has become a joke in our family and really didn't happen as often as we all make it seem like it did. Mom's a good sport about it. :-)
7. "SB and WP." This was personalized just for me from my Aunt J and Uncle G. It meant "shoulders back and walk with pride." It was to remind me to not slump and walk with confidence. I appreciate the lesson.
8. "As long as I have a dime. You're not broke." I don't know if my Granddaddy really ever said this more than once to me, but once was enough. He told me this when I was an older teenager and the depth of the comment was very meaningful to me. It meant that he'd give me all he had, and he would have done that for any one of us at any time we needed him. He was a very giving, loving person and I miss him dearly.
9. "Sometimes the things you don't do wear you out more than the things you do." The older I get the truer this phrase spoken by my grandmother becomes. It's the things I worry about and dread doing that wear me out. If I'll just dig in and get it done, it's not nearly as tiring. I need to remember this lesson today as I dread taking down all of my Christmas decorations.
10. "Let me get a picture with my oldest and my youngest," is a phrase I heard many times from my granddaddy. He was an excellent photographer, and I am his oldest grandchild. Every time there was a new grandchild (and there are many), he would get a picture of the oldest (always me) and the youngest (always someone different). I loved it.
11. "Why don't you marry it?" a phrase from my brother successfully meant to irritate me. When we were children he'd say (in a sing-songy, high pitched tone) this every time I'd say I loved something. You have to picture it. Me, "Oh, I love these mashed potatoes." Him, "Why don't you marry them?" I bet you all can hear it. :-)
12. "He has no plan B," is a quote that cracks me up. My brother has a unique way to express things. This is his phrase for a person who can't break from the original plan or idea. The person with no plan B can't modify or adjust in any way.
13. "I wish I could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth," is from my dad. It's self-explanatory and I'm sure it was NEVER spoken about any of our family members.
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Joan said...

I love these! I hadn't realized there were so many; maybe I'll think of 13 more and make another list next week.

Jane said...

That's a great list of quotes. Every family has some they could share.
Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. It is a fun way to get to know people.

The Median Sib said...

I LOVE this list! Thanks for sharing. Coming from the same family, I'm familiar with most of them!

Terrell said...

A wonderful list, Lyn! I can't wait for the next opportunity to use #13!!

Marcia said...

These are great sayings. . I've heard many of them before, it was great to have you personalize them.