Friday, December 22, 2006

Blogging Inspiration

As I mentioned in my first post, many of my family members are bloggers. I thoroughly enjoy reading their blogs and feel that I know them better because of them. My grandmother, of Ruthlace, started blogging a year or so ago, and her blog was recently nominated for the "Best Diarist" award. Her blog is fascinating to read. She tells of many of her childhood memories growing up during the Depression and of her early years of marriage during WWII. As her grandchild, I love being able to step back in time and learn about her life, thoughts, and history from her own words. What a great gift to me and all of her grandchildren and great- grandchildren to have these descriptions of our heritage! Being able to read about my grandparents' lives, beliefs, and values is priceless to me! She is one of my main inspirations to write a blog. I want to write about experiences my children will one day enjoy remembering and reading.

My mother, of Daddy's Roses, is another inspiration for my blogging interest. Her personality and interests in words, word play, and language come through in her posts. She writes about our family and experiences. I feel very fortunate to have these written stories for years to come.

I view my blog as a journal - a written record - of our lives and my thoughts to share with my family. I want my children to have a written record of their lives through my eyes.


Joan said...

You've been working! Posting pics and making links already! I enjoyed this. May I send it to folks?

The Median Sib said...

I feel that I should warn you that you are entering addictive waters. Be on guard - but do it anyway. Write, write, write! I love your blog, and I'm so glad you joined the blogging side of the family! Love you!

beth said...

This is fan-tee-tastic!!! I love it. Carol is right - VERY addictive. I wish she or Joan had warned me rather than saying 'come on, start a blog'. hahaha

That would make it THEIR fault!!

Then there is always something new you have to learn how to do - it just goes on and on and on ....

Love it, gonna link it.